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Enhancing & supporting
the Buddhist community centre UK(BCCUK)

About Centre

BCCUK The Buddhist Community Centre UK is a nascent organisation with a mission to establish a Monastery, with an adjacent Community Centre, in the South East Region.

We are in the process of establishing, The Buddhist Community Centre UK. This will be a centre for all Buddhists and will be open to members of the public with an interest in Buddhism.  read more...

BCCUK Uses & Activities

The Buddhist Community Centre UK(BCCUK) perform various activities as the place for

  • Celebrations at occasions & traditions
  • Buddhist Teaching
  • Meditation
  • Naming Ceremony
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Ritual Ceremony
  • Other Cultural Activities, Pujas
  • Social Activities
  • Counseling Service
  • Nepalese Language classes
  • Family function or party
  • Integration programme
    with local communities and other faiths

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Recent Activities