It was really important to us that we set up a website that would be really helpful to others and on a topic that we knew was important. That is why we chose to write about money as we knew that everyone needs to deal with it and lots of people could do with some extra help. Our aim was to cut through the complexities and the jargon and keep everything really simple and straightforward, as that gives everyone a chance of being able to understand. We hope that we will be able to pass on valuable information that will mean that people will have a much better chance of being able to manage their money better. Our hope is that lots of people will read the information on the website and will then be able to change what they are doing so that they have a much better basis to make decisions and choose the right financial products for them. It is not an easy task but with help, we know that lots of people will be able to benefit. Hopefully, that will enable lots of people to become much better off and to have a much happier life as a result.